Commandery Games is proud to offer Euphoria Miniatures: Euphoria exclusively in the UK 

What is Euphoria?

Euphoria is a game designed to be fast paced and highly dynamic. Each team is made up from 4 to 6 miniatures according to the objects and characters chosen. Each game has approximately an hour duration. Combat, Shooting, Special Abilities and tons of strategy are the main elements of this intense game that surely will not leave you cold. 

The game's storyline takes us to the year 2073, where world peace has already been achieved, all countries have disarmed themselves in favour of a quiet coexistence among civilizations, religions have agreed to mutual respect and due to great technological progress famine is no more. Worldwide stability has been obtained.

Euphoria is a popular TV show in which two teams fight to death to get through to the contest's next stage, where only one contestant can win the big prize.

Why Play Euphoria?

One of Euphoria's main charms is it's innovative system for choosing characters which you will play with. There are no factions which to choose from, each player can freely choose their characters from among all the miniature range, and afterwards customise them by means of modifying attributes or using some kind of equipment such as grenades, med-kits, defibrillators or   adrenaline injections. 

You can always play with the miniature you like the most!

All in all Euphoria is a fast paced game, uses a few miniatures and doesn't require a large gaming space, as a 800 point game (from 4 to 7 miniatures) can be perfectly played on a 120x90cm table. And with Euphoria scenery can be easily adapted, as it is a television show, the set can be whatever you choose!


Take part in the most savage show of recent times, where the winners become mass idols and the losers are forgotten. This is your chance, prove you are capable of gathering the best team and reach eternal glory. Challenge your friends, fight for ratings ad remember that the graveyard is full of heroes, sometimes it's best to know when to retreat.

Let the show begin!

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