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About Freeblades

The game Freeblades is a fantasy skirmish game set in the vibrant world of Faelon. Freeblades are fortune hunters who operate under a warrant from one of Faelon’s many factions. A freeblade warrant permits the holder to operate without restraint outside of the issuing faction’s boundaries for a share of any plunder or profit. In return, the freeblades can expect protection once back inside the faction’s borders.

Freeblades uses a unique tiered dice system and is quick-playing, with most games completed in less than 90 minutes. The rule system is suited for casual gamers as well as tournaments.  There is also a special section on campaign play.




Traazorite Empire

“Make no mistake – we will return…”

– Great Sunbringer Haraz, shortly before his death


The Traazorite Empire is the result of the relentless conquest of all the peoples of Ryshael, Faelon’s southwestern continent. The Traazorites rose from barbarism out of a small land on Ryshael’s western coast to methodically consume the ancient Krai-jan Empire, which had begun to fall in on itself through laziness and decadence in the 700’s BK. Prophets of the Sun entered into league with rebels teaching swordsmanship in hidden schools to forge an irresistible combination of religious zeal and combat prowess. To make matters worse for their overlords, the Traazorites solved the riddle of steel and used it to cut a murderous path through the bronzed-armed phalanxes of Krai-jan spearmen. Once the Krai-jan had fallen and the Traazorites were firmly established as their successors, they began to expand to conquer the lands outside of the traditional Krai-jan provinces.

The Empire succeeded in annexing all of the Ryshael, with the exception of the Mershael who remain too problematic for conquest. From Isarchael, the Traazorites have been completely expelled, both by inexorable pressure from Faeler migrations and by the rebellion of their last unconquered province and the formation of the Kaliphate of Koronna. The Traazorite Empire remains the single most powerful nation on Faelon, and its continued thirst to return to Isarchael in force creates great tension among the peoples bordering the Shining Sea.

Horses are not indigenous to Ryshael. Instead, the continent is home to a variety of dinosaurs that did not die out as they apparently did on the northern continent. These saurians serve as the Traazorites’ beasts of burden, carrying men, goods and weapons of war.

The people of the Traazorite Empire and its subject kingdoms are of the Chaler race.


The Traazorite Emperor is a dictator. The Traazorite Senate wields little real power, being confined to pass laws that see to the continued administration of the Empire according to the views of the current Emperor. Provincial Governors hold the real power the Emperor does not keep for himself.

In 1008, Tormarun is the Traazorite Emperor.


A many-rayed golden sun on purple. The sun is Runah, the Sun God, and the purple is the way the ocean looks off Ryshael’s western coast when the sun is setting. Traazor means “waves of violet” in Chalish.


Traazor’s military is composed of many highly trained legions of citizen soldiers. The legions are a combined arms force of heavy infantry and dinosaur mounted troops. In addition to these troops, the Empire commands forces from its subject kingdoms.


The legion is the basic combat formation of the Traazorite Empire.  While attrition, detached duty and task organisation alter the day to day strength of all of the legions, there is a basic standard upon which they are built.

Each legion is comprised of nine cohorts. Each cohort contains six companies.  A company is nine squads of nine men each.

The first cohort has double sized companies.  The ninth is not comprised of legionnaires, but instead of support troops.  This is typically two cohorts or javelin-armed light infantry, two of archers and two of Rakozar-mounted light cavalry.


There are dozens of legions across the Empire.  The exact number is known only to a few senior officers and key senators.  Some are veterans of many campaigns and have their roots in the early days of the Empire and some are newly raised with green troops looking to get blooded in their first battle.  Here are some of the more famous.

The Jaguar Legion (black and gold) has recently been pulled back from its normal rotation on the Mershael border.  This legion has all the most recent combat experience against a seasoned and well-equipped foe and is believed would serve as the strike force of any major upcoming operation.

The Velozar Legion (purple and gold) is entirely mounted on Velozar.  It is a coherent unit in name only except in a major conflict.  Its companies are parcelled out throughout the Empire to assist the Ravagers in hunting down rebels and keeping the provinces in line.  It only gathers together as a single force when there is enemy territory to invade as keeping it fed on imperial soil is a zero sum game.  

The Scorpion Legion (red and black) is another veteran strike force normally stationed in the deserts of the deep south.  It is rumoured that instead of Rakozar, its cavalry is mounted on what is essentially a giant scorpion, but no northerner has ever brought credible evidence of this to light.

The Viper Legion (red and green) is stationed in Izchak, a wild jungle province whose people refuse to remain peaceful.  One full cohort of the Viper Legion is mounted on Rakozar.  Its legionnaires are well versed in jungle combat and counter-guerilla operations.

The Diamond Legion (blue and white) is stationed in Arajan, the northernmost city of the Empire.  Other troops whisper derogatives when this legion is mentioned as they perceive it to be a cushy assignment without any real danger or worthwhile mission.  The Diamond Legion is in fact a showcase unit, designed to impress and intimidate visiting tradesmen and diplomats.  Each member of the legion is selected for their extreme loyalty to the Emperor.  As they will make direct contact with many people from other realms, especially women, it is imperative that they do not fall for the temptations the non-imperial way of life may seem to offer.  No one spends too much time in the Diamond Legion as the tours are only one year in length.  The assignment is sought after and many veterans apply, so on an individual basis the legion has many fine combat soldiers.  How it would do in real battle is anyone’s guess.


The Traazorites worship the Sun God, Runah – the light that showed them way from under the yoke of the Krai-jan Empire. Traazorites are intolerant of other religions in the empire. Traazorite priests are known as Sunbringers, as they bring the word of Runah and the light of the sun to his people.

View of Outsiders

Traazorites believe it is their destiny to conquer the world and shine the light of Runah into its dark corners. Traazorites feel about outsiders as one would feel about a child – it’s not their fault they don’t understand, they have untrained minds that have not yet been shown the way. Once contact with an outsider is made and things have been explained to him, however, the Traazorite expects the newcomer to join the Empire and has no mercy for those who do not.

Mating Rituals and Customs

Traazorite men take one wife, although they may have several mistresses. Women in the Traazorite worldview are imprisoned in a gilded cage – they are doted on and treated with utmost courtesy by men, but are not allowed to hold political or religious power, run a business or employ a weapon. Those that ignore these edicts can be treated in any way a male Traazorite citizen chooses, which can be very harsh.


Traazorites are somewhat torn when it comes to leisure activities. They remember too well, the weakening effect such diversions had on the Krai-jan empire, making it ripe for conquest. They have no intention of letting the same thing happen to them. Due to this, Traazorite entertainments are often martial in nature, revolving around gladiatorial contests and athletic competitions. Music and the arts are downplayed and usually reserved for foreigners.

What is valued by this society?

Above all, Traazorites value obedience. The thinking is that if everyone would just do what they are told, everything will be fine. Get up in the morning, work hard, serve the Emperor, pray to Runah and all the pleasures someone needs will work itself into the citizen’s life.


Traazor exports a wide variety of natural resources and manufactured goods, but specialises in grain, textiles and salt.


Bezant gold 15 grams
Denarius silver 15 grams
Talent bronze 15 grams
Centum copper 15 grams


The Traazorite Empire reaches across the breadth and width of Ryshael, encompassing many terrains and climates.

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