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When power and water began to run short, and the economic crisis became pandemic, wars raged all over the world. There were riots, nuclear blasts, carnage… until governments and mega-corporations realized that things wouldn’t work if there was no one left alive for them to keep living like gods among insects. Then they set up the Megalopolis, seven huge walled cities where vagrants, trustafarians, gutter punks, petty criminals and, in short, all the social scum that did not have a use to them, would not be allowed. Inside the walls the consumer society went on enjoying the best of food, clothes and pure water. Outside, miles of minefields, automatic defense towers and everything that technology could afford kept the rest of the world at bay.

All across the world outside the Megalopolis grew the Wasteland, where illness, hunger, contamination and fights for the few resources have decimated the population. The old cities have been dusted to the ground, forests and grasslands are no more.

Nowadays people live in a scorched world, surrounded by mutards and addlers, where bullets, gas and sheer force are the only currency. Due to the lack of power, as well as people who know how to create or fix appliances, technology has been reduced to the most basic of devices, making use of each and every piece that can be found from better times. The ruins of the old abandoned cities are the realm of mutant monstrosities, walking dead and even worse things, so only the mad or fool wander near them. Now, at best, you can find small settlements usually fortified with crude metal plate walls, which strive to prosper, and errand gangs that wander through the Wasteland looking for resources or taking them by force.

Punkapocalyptic is a miniature game that represents skirmishes between bands in a post-apocalyptic, lethal and pimp world. The game is designed for two players with the Punkapocalyptic 30 mm miniature range in mind, which we would like you to use, but there are a lot of other brands that offer 30 mm figures that can be used to represent your fighters. No one will blame you for using them, not even in official tournaments, as long as these miniatures clearly represent their associated combatants.


All you need to play Punkapocalyptic is this rulebook, some suitable miniatures (the official Bad Roll Games Punkapocalyptic ones are cool!), ten-sided dice, measuring tape, the appropriate band file for your crew (you can download the files at our website), a clear, flat surface at least 4 feet long by 4 feet wide, and some scenery.


Punkapocalyptic is an easy game to learn, in which the best way of getting better is just playing. Even though, we will present you with a series of gaming articles which you might find useful in your games, whether it be as a beginner or once addicted to its awesomeness.



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Free Punkapocalyptic Living Rulebook

All the rules and faction material you need in one interactive pdf.

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