DGS Freeblades

Sunday, 7 April 2019  |  Commandery Games

Commandery Games is proud to announce the partnership with DGS Games to bring Freeblades to the UK is real!

"DGS Games is extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Commandery Games, who will serve as our exclusive distributor in the UK. CG will be the home base of Freeblades in the UK and their website will include a Freeblades online store going live in the next few days. More to come about this exciting partnership!" - https://en-gb.facebook.com/DGSGames/ 5 April at 06:41

Freeblades is a fantasy skirmish game set in the vibrant world of Faelon. Freeblades are fortune hunters who operate under a warrant from one of Faelon’s many factions. A freeblade warrant permits the holder to operate without restraint outside of the issuing faction’s boundaries for a share of any plunder or profit. In return, the freeblades can expect protection once back inside the faction’s borders.

Freeblades uses DGS Games unique tiered dice system and is quick-playing, with most games completed in less than 90 minutes. The rule system is suited for casual gamers as well as tournaments.  There is also a special section on campaign play.

We would like to thank DGS Games for all the help & support they have given us & the continued support they show.

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