a’ar (Men): Ta’ar are the “people”, the seven races of Faelon: Chaler, Faeler, Kuzaarik, Mershael, Shakrim, Symker, Trilian.

Meol (Animals): Meol are the animals you and I would consider “normal”: dogs, birds, deer, snakes, fish, rats, etc. Faelon is rich in animal life.

Zarn (Dinosaurs): Zarn are reptilian holdovers from the distant past. They range in size from tiny Kreesarj to ground-shaking Shalezor.

Azal (Demons): Azal are the denizens of Karelon (also Mervael, the Spirit World). Karelon is a mirror world, existing in parallel with the material world in which the Ta’ar reside. In Karelon, living beings are invisible but spirits exist as corporeal beings. Some of the inhabitants of the Spirit World are indigenous to it (Azal) and some reside there temporarily until they find their final destination (typically these latter are disembodied spirits). Disembodied spirits generally must remain noncorporeal when they visit the material world, but the more powerful Azal are able to take physical form. Demons is a general name for the residents of Karelon. The rules of the physical universe do not apply in Karelon in the same fashion and its very nature shifts from moment to moment. Many sentient Azal are jealous of the stability and riches of Faelon and attempt to cross over and take power.

Drameol (Half-demon, half animal): Drameol are the product of some sort of crossing or mixture of a Meol (“normal animal”) and an Azal. The result is a creature that can live in Faelon permanently but that picks up some abnormal characteristics. Examples would be the Witchcat, a panther-like creature that can see into the Spirit World and the War Spider, an enormous arachnid with an armored hide.

Ormiryn (Devils): The souls of those who have done evil depart Faelon to reside in Kashorm (“hell”). There they are twisted and scoured by the Kehinnin into the Ormiryn. The Kehinnin bide their time building their army of Ormiryn while they wait for the right moment to renew their rebellion against the Gods. From time to time Ormiryn are sent to Faelon to do the bidding of their masters.

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