Faelon is what people of the Faeler race call their world.  They are unaware it is the fourth planet circling a F7V star, which they know as the sun, Hol.  It is slightly larger than earth, but has a similar axial tilt and rotational direction (there are four seasons in the temperate zones and the sun comes up in the east).  It has two moons, Valar the larger with a period of 30 days and Valia, which takes 45 days from new moon to new.

Faelon, to its inhabitants, is a pair of continents: Isarshael to the north and Ryshael to the south, in the northern hemisphere of an otherwise unexplored world.  No other large landmasses are known to exist near these two, but rumors and legends swirl that there are mysterious lands across the wide oceans to east and west.

Isarshael stretches from the temperate zone north to the arctic and Ryshael from the temperate zone south to the equator.   The northern edge of Isarshael is a land of tundra, ice and snow.  The southern extent of Ryshael is burning sands and steaming jungle.  In between is every sort of topography.  The thing that distinguishes the two continents is that horses are not indigenous to Ryshael.  Instead, the continent is home to a variety of dinosaurs and other creatures similar to those from earth’s prehistoric past.  These saurians serve in the same role as the horse of the northern continent, as beasts of burden and weapons of war.

A Faelonian day is 30 hours long, and each month is three weeks of ten days.  There are 10 months in the Faelonian year.


Earth Equivalent


Onyaron March Frung (spring)
Nebaron April Frung (spring)
Daron May Frung (spring)
Japaron June Fyrsis (summer)
Fayaron July/August Fyrsis (summer)
Munaron September Sturb (fall)
Jeptaron October Sturb (fall)
Jektaron November Sturb (fall)
Moyaron December Kona (winter)
Aesaron January/February Kona (winter)

Vernal Equinox - 15 Nebaron / Summer Solstice - 1 Fayaron / Autumnal Equinox - 15 Jeptaron / Winter Solstice - 1 Aesaron


Hand = 1/5 pace (6 inches, 15 cm)

Pace (2.5 feet, 0.75 meters)

Step (2 paces, 5 feet, 1.5 meters)

Shot = 240p (600 feet, 180 meters)

Run = 6 shots = 1440 p (3600 feet, 1080 meters)

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