There are nearly as many calendars in use in Faelon as there are countries and tribes.  For convenience, the Falkaaran calendar is used.  Year 1 of the Falkaaran calendar begins with the coronation of its first king.  The year at the time of this writing is 1008.

Faelon: Timeline

-? Trilias becomes a kingdom.
-1800 to -552 Krai-jan Empire (Traazor predecessor).
-1300’s 1st Symidian Sultan.
-836 Traazorites defeat Krai-jan forces for the first time.
-836 to -552 Traazorites rebel and eventually conquer Krai-jan.
-700’s Mershael arrive.
-700 Traazorites take Arajan.
-647 to -313 Traazorites conquer north coast of Shining Sea.
-553 The Cataclysm. An enormous magical struggle destroyes two cities and creates the Jar Syt and Dathglar.
-552 1st Traazorite Emperor.
-25 to 1 The First War.  Jorav Korsar and allies push Traazorites south.
1 Falkaar King Crowned. Jorav Korsar is crowned as first Falkaaran king.
10-195 Faeler Migration.
86 Koronna declares independence from the Traazorite Empire.
111 The Harazian Crusade.  The Traazorite Archprelate declares all Koronnans infidels and leads a crusade to destroy them.  It fails and is the first of many such crusades.
55-150 First Symker Migration.
157 Varkraal established.
171 Arkul Grula unites Symker horse tribes.
180-250 Second Symker Migration.
205 League of Thormenal formed.
232 Second Crusade. Traazorites attempt to crush Koronna.
285 First Haradelan king crowned.
385 Grular incursion into Kandor. Kandoran tribes unite.
440 Kandor built.
547 Del-Kamai’s Crusade. Another failed attempt to invade Koronna by the Traazorites. Origin of the Faeler Guard.
695 The Great War. Haradel and Koronna start a war that eventually involves most of the factions of Isarshael.
820-1008 The Age of Peace. The countries of Isarchael enjoy two hundred years of relative calm.
1008 Present Day.


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