About Commandery Games

Commandery Games is all about providing the best miniatures and games that deserve a true UK presence, as such, we are working closely with our partners to bring you a dedicated specialist tabletop miniatures gaming store. Our titles are handpicked as we believe each one can offer the gaming community something different, a new approach to gaming, or possibly just some of the best models you can field on the tabletop.

We not only offer our games to be purchased but are committed to bringing you a site giving great resources for each of our titles so you can be assured that we are a one-stop shop for your gaming needs.

Commandery Games has new stock arriving monthly and specialise in these select few lines so we can offer entire ranges at affordable prices, we can also offer many of our titles to other retail stores and can offer discount to wargaming and tabletop gaming clubs across the UK. If you are interested in purchasing for your store or club please get in touch here.

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