Chaler (Fa. “people from the sea”), or Eshmai (Ch. “first men”) as they are known in their own tongue, were the first indigenous race to become civilised in western Faelon, although this might be disputed by the Trilians and the Kuzaarik.  Chalers like to be thought clever.  For them, the ends justify the means.  They prefer political conflict to combat, but are tenacious when a fight breaks out.

Physical Characteristics

Size: The average Chaler male has a proportioned build and is 5’10” tall.

Colouring: Chalers have a bronzed or “orange” tint to their skin.  They have exclusively jet-black hair.  Eyes are black. One in three men has a beard.

Lifespan: 70-110 years.

Language: Chalish

Factions: Chalers make up the predominant people of The Traazorite Empire and the Kaliphate of Koronna.

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