Faelers (Fa. “people of the earth”), are a proud race originally indigenous to the northern half of Isarchael, Faelon’s northwestern continent.  Their warlike and aggressive nature has taken them well beyond the borders of their original homeland to create and settle many kingdoms.  Faelers have a well-developed sense of honour and are very loyal to kin and country.  No race is more resistant to conquest – hence the saying “no Faeler has lived a year a slave.”

Physical Characteristics

Size: The average Faeler male is 6’ tall.

Colouring: Faelers have a white skin with either black or dark brown hair.  Men are found both with and without beards, but beards tend to be close cropped along the jaw line. Eyes are blue or grey.

Lifespan: 70-110 years.

Language: Faelish

Factions: Faelers make up the predominant people of the Kingdom of Falkaar, the Kingdom of Haradel, the League of Thormenal and the Tribes of the Urdaggar.

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