Kuzaarik are stout, solid humanoids native only to the huge mountain that contains the Free City of Kuzaarl.  They are a practical people and superior crafters of things stone and metal.  They are clannish and isolationist by nature, but trade with other peoples and serve as mercenaries in their armies, especially the Varkraalans with whom they have a special relationship.  They have a deep love for jewels and precious metals and are often perceived as greedy by the other races.  They are prideful and are serious about their commitments to others.  A Kuzaarik can also keep a grudge for a very long time….

Physical Characteristics

Size:  Kuzaarik are shorter and stockier than other men, averaging 4’8”. They have excellent endurance and superb upper body strength.

Colouring:  Kuzaarik have ruddy skin and reddish, golden or brown hair.  Most men are bearded.

Lifespan:  200 years.

Language: The Kuzaarik native tongue is a harsh to the outsider’s ear. They are very secretive about it and do not teach others their tongue. With outsiders, Kuzaarik speak the Symker tongue taught to them by the Varkraalans.

Factions: Kuzaarik are the people of the Free City of Kuzaarl.

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