Mershaelans (Fa. “merker”, hidden people) live on the northern coast of Ryshael.  They are not indigenous to the continent, having traveled there during the Traazorite rebellion.  They are believed to have originated in the distant east and to have come to Ryshael after fleeing some great calamity.

Physical Characteristics

Size:  The typical Mershaelan male is about 6’0, the females about 5’7.  

Colouring:  Hair is the entire range of what can be called blond with a smattering of browns and blacks.  Their eyes are almost always lighter colours: blues, violets, greys and greens. Golden and silver flecks in the eyes are uncommon, but present in various citizens, especially those of the Royal House. The Mershael prefer to wear their hair long and loose, although will restrain it before work or battles where it can become bothersome.

Lifespan:  The lifespan of the typical Mershaelan is about 300 years.

Language: The Mershaelan native tongue is completely unknown to outsiders.  They use Faelish exclusively, even among themselves.

Factions: Mershael is a single faction race and are the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Mershael.

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