Shakrim (Ch. “snake-people”) live on the many islands off the eastern coasts of Isarchael and Ryshael.    They trade with the races of the continents but want little else to do with them, viewing the ‘big lands’ as a source of suffering and war.

Physical Characteristics

Size:  Although there are tremendous differences of form and shape among the Blessed and After, it can be said the “average” Shakrim is 5’10 tall.

Colouring:  Shakrim, unless those with the ability to transform and in their “human” state, range in hide colouring from brown to green and in every shade.

Lifespan:  Blessed live from 90-150 years, After, 60-90.

Language: Shakrim speak a dialect of Chalish.

Factions: Shakrim are a single faction race and the inhabitants of the Isles of the Shakrim.

Wish List