Symker (Fa. “people of the east”) originated on the eastern half of Isarchael and are the native race of four kingdoms ranging from the eastern coast to the Trilian border.  Shorter in stature than many of the other races, Symkers have an inferiority complex they are always trying to overcome.  Their native land is harsh and unforgiving and the early period of their existence was marked by much toil and hardship. They feel they have worked hard as a people to get where they are and see some other races as enjoying characteristics and worldly things they did not earn.  They place less value on life than others, but believe very strongly in a significant afterlife.

Physical Characteristics

Size:  Symker tend to be shorter than most of the other races, averaging 5’8”. They are typically thin and wiry in build, and are disrespectful of portliness as they equate it with sloth.

Colouring:  Symker have olive-coloured skin that is more towards the green of olive than the brown.  Hair is black and eyes are uniformly brown.  Around half of all Symker men will have a goatee, usually with accompanying moustache.

Lifespan:  55-85 years.

Language: Symkish

Factions: Symker make up the predominant people of the Khanate of Grular, the Khanate of Kandor, the Sultanate of Symidia and the Varkraalan Confederacy.

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