Trilians (Fa. Rahner, people of the wood) have lived in the deep woodlands of the fox-tree since before recorded time.  They have always been there, and claim without arrogance that they always will be.  They are racially unrelated to any other people of Faelon and there are no people of other races living in the Realm of Trilias besides the occasional diplomatic visitor.

Physical Characteristics

Size:  The average Trilian has a proportioned build, if typically thin, and is 6’ tall.

Colouring:  Trilians have ivory skin, white hair and eyes that are entirely green (iris, pupil and sclera).  Men are without beards.

Lifespan:  80-120 years.

Language: Trilian

Factions: Trilians are a one-faction race, and inhabit The Realm of Trilias.

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